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Poylin - P888 Walker

POYLİN P888 Walker

Weight9.10 kg
Length59.00 cm
Width21.00 cm
Height44.00 cm

P888 Walker

Poylin P888 Walker, which is preferred by more and more people with its elegant and modern structure, is adjustable depending on the height and weight ratio. In this way, elderly and patients with walking difficulties can be easily strolled.

Designed for people who have difficulty walking, P888 Walker has become popular worldwide with its robust chassis and stylish design. When user reviews were examined and long-term tests were conducted, it was found that users were not disturbed even in long-distance walks.

In particular, the handles are adjustable, making P888 Walker performance efficient. In addition, the sitting area in the middle of P888 Walker is ideal for resting users on long walks. In addition, P888 Walker is lightweight and foldable, offering users many advantages.

P888 Walker Product Dimensions and Specifications

P888 Walker, which helps people with walking difficulties, is often mentioned with its contemporary design and superior quality. The user-friendly product has many important features. These are listed as follows:

       It has a safe braking mechanism.

       Front and rear wheels suitable for rough road conditions.

       A very large carrying case is available.

       Resting in the seating area of P888 Walker is possible when placed in rest mode.

       Easy to use thanks to adjustable hand grips.

       Braking system using advanced technology provides maximum safety.

       Since it is made of lightweight aluminum, the product is very easy to transport.

       It is designed to be used with both right and left hands.

       The handles of the Walker have an ergonomic structure.

       Thanks to the rubber shoe of the product, there are no problems such as leaving marks on the floor or slipping.

       It is based on 4 points on the ground. This provides extra support and stability.

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is P888 Walker Used?

P888 Walker offers a wide range to users, allowing people with walking difficulties to go out and walk easily. This product, which is needed by the elderly, disabled or patients who cannot walk on their own, prevents them from being dependent on the chair.

P888 Walker, which defies years with its quality material, shows high performance with its functional structure. It provides maximum protection and safety with its perfect design and is easily controlled even on slopes.


Prices of P888 Walker

Made of lightweight aluminum, P888 Walker is easily portable. In addition, the product can be folded easily, even on the journey to the desired location, the product offers great comfort to the user. Thanks to the fact that it does not cause problems such as rusting, the product can be used for years and is very economical compared to its high performance. Maintenance-free and water-resistant, P888 Walker is one of the most preferred Walkers in recent years.


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