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Poylin - P787-Walker

POYLİN P787 Walker

Weight8.50 kg
Length66.00 cm
Width29.00 cm
Height37.00 cm

P787 Walker

Poylin P787 Walker, which is one of the most preferred Walkers in recent years, attracts attention with its modern and elegant structure. Adjustable for height and weight ratio, P787 Walker maximizes ease of use.

P787 Walker, which can be used easily by the elderly or patients who have difficulty walking, stands out in the world with its robust chassis and stylish design. According to the results of the test, the users were not tired and relaxed during the long-term trips. In particular, the handles can be easily raised and lowered, making P787 Walker easy to use.

There is also a seat in the middle of P787 Walker. In this way, users can sit here when they are tired and can rest as much as they want.

P787 Walker Product Dimensions and Specifications

Designed specifically for patients with walking difficulties or the elderly, P787 Walker allows them to walk safely. One of the most preferred products in walking groups, P787 Walker provides users comfort and confidence with hand brake control.

The basket at the front is also very handy. This basket, which allows the user to carry his small belongings with him, allows even the shopping of the market with its width.

With the push of a button, P787 Walker can be adjusted in 6 steps. In addition, the user can fix the brakes when fatigued. So he can rest at any time.

The general features of the Poylin P787 Walker are as follows:

       Lightweight aluminum construction provides ease of transport

       Suitable for right and left hand use

       Ergonomic handles

       It gives confidence with its rubber shoe which does not leave any marks on the floor and does not slip.

       Provides extra support and balance based on 4 different points on the ground.

       The chassis is foldable.

       Safe braking mechanism is available.

       It has front and rear wheels suitable for rough road conditions.

       Includes carrying case.

       There is a seating area.

       Hand grips are adjustable.

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is P787 Walker Used?

Designed to prevent people with walking difficulties from being dependent on home and chair, P787 Walker improves the quality of life for patients or the elderly. This product, which allows them to move out at any time, is widely used today.

P787 Walker is reliable and offers superior quality and ease of use, creating great comfort for patients. The product, which allows even long walks, offers comfort to the user with its ergonomic structure. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum structure, it is also very useful that the product is foldable and provides ease of carrying.

Prices of P787 Walker

Providing maximum quality and reliability with its advanced technology, P787 Walker can be used for many years without any problems. Functional and ergonomic structure with great appreciation of the prices of the product is budget-friendly. The years-long P787 Walker improves the quality of life by preventing users from being confined to the home.


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