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  • POYLİN P580 Walker
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Poylin - P580 Walker

POYLİN P580 Walker

Weight7.00 kg
Length66.00 cm
Width24.00 cm
Height84.00 cm

P580 Walker

Offering great convenience for disabled and elderly patients with walking difficulties, P580 Walker is among the most preferred walking groups with its practical structure and superior quality. With its special paint system applied on it, P580 Walker can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Unlike traditional Walkers, P580 Walker offers a much more practical user experience and is particularly advantageous for the elderly and the patient. The rain-resistant P580 Walker can be used for many years with no special problems.

Offering maximum safety, the braking system is ideal and has a structure that allows walking even in difficult conditions.

P580 Walker Product Dimensions and Specifications

Offering great comfort to the users, P580 Walker has become the center of attention with its many features. The main features of the product:

       Thanks to its special paint system, it is resistant to rain water and no problems such as rusting are encountered.

       The perfect braking system ensures the safety of the users.

       It offers walking even on difficult roads.

       The chassis is light and robust.

       Large silicone padding system.

       P580 Walker has a large carrying basket for carrying additional items.

       It ensures that even long-term walks are comfortable and does not tire the user.

       The braking system is securely locked to allow you to switch to practical rest mode and the patient can rest in the large seating area.

       The handle grips are adjustable and customizable.

       It is easy to carry and store with its foldable feature.

       Lightweight aluminum construction provides ease of transport.

       Suitable for right and left hand use.

       Provides confidence with its rubber shoe which does not leave any marks on the floor.

       Provides extra support and stability based on 4 points on the ground.

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is P580 Walker Used?

Designed specifically for the elderly, disabled or patients with walking difficulties, P580 Walker is built to help people stay close to home and help them navigate as much as possible.

Offering maximum safety within walking groups, P580 Walker helps people with the difficulty of walking with aluminum wheels to make even long-distance trips easily. This improves the quality of life of individuals and helps them look at life much more full of joy.

Prices of P580 Walker

With P580 Walker model, it is aimed for elderly and disabled people who have walking difficulties to walk easily. The product, which is a high security Walker, is appreciated with its ergonomic structure. Compared to its superior quality, P580 Walker is easy to handle, even on slopes, thanks to the brake on the hand grips.


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