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Poylin - P777-Walker

POYLİN P777 Walker

Weight8.10 kg
Length66.00 cm
Width29.00 cm
Height37.00 cm

P777 Walker

P777 Walker, which is appreciated by everyone with its modern and polite structure, is adjustable according to height and weight ratio. This allows P777 Walker to be customized and gives the patient more comfort.

Designed specifically for people with walking difficulties in general, P777 Walker stands out with its superior quality and stylish design. As a result of the tests and the comments made by the users, even long-term walks with P777 Walker are quite comfortable.

P777 Walker Product Dimensions and Specifications

P777 Walker, which is highly acclaimed for its superior quality, has become more and more preferred by every passing day. P777 Walker, which stands out in the world with its robust chassis and modern design, offers great comfort even in long-term use.

The general characteristics of the product are as follows:

       The hand grips can be easily raised and lowered.

       Convenient and practical to use.

       With the seat in the middle of P777 Walker, users can sit and rest at any time.

       Foldable, does not take up space in the warehouse or car and is very easy to transport.

       Thanks to the brakes on the hand grips, users can move safely downhill.

       The bag included in the product allows users to carry their desired items with them without difficulty.

Comfortable to carry and use, P777 Walker is an ideal rollator model for people with walking difficulties and the elderly. Made of titanium, P777 Walker is lightweight and rugged, and can be easily put in the trunk of small vehicles.

The technical specifications of the product are as follows:

Overall length: 66,50 cm

Overall width: 64 cm

Height: 79.50 - 93.00 cm

Item Weight: 8,10 Kg

Material Color: Titanium

Color of Parts: Black

Front wheel: 8 "PVC

Rear wheel: 8 "PVC

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is P777 Walker Used?

P777 Walker is suitable for both right-hand and left-handed users. Since the hand grips are ergonomic, the product can be used easily and gives confidence with its rubber shoe that does not leave any mark on the floor. P777 Walker provides extra support and stability based on 4 points on the ground, allowing users to navigate indoors and outdoors as they wish. This allows users to enjoy a tireless and comfortable ride.

P777 Walker is an ideal tool for patients with walking difficulties and the elderly, making long-term walks easy for users. It is an excellent option for the elderly who want to stroll on warm evenings especially in the summer months and gains great appreciation with its modern structure and advanced technological features.

Prices of P777 Walker

Easily adjustable in hand grip height, P777 Walker has been developed for high safety, control and maneuverability. Long-term use of patients or elderly people to sit and relax when tired, the product has a mechanism, even on slopes can be used easily. With its superior quality and durability, it can be used for many years without any problems and the prices are economical.


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