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SOLES Orthopädisches Taillenkissen SLS-704

SOLES Ortopedic Lumber Support Pillow SLS-704


SLS 704 Orthopedic Lumbar Support Pillow

Back pain is one of the most common pain. Many conditions, from lifting heavy items to sitting incorrectly, can cause pain in the back. These pains can easily reach unbearable levels if not treated properly. Nowadays, this type of pain is caused by the lack of an ergonomic working environment and the inability to sit upright, especially in people who are constantly working at the desk. In addition, the lumbar region is also one of the areas where the most hernia is observed. Herniated disk occurs due to the deformation of the anatomical structures of some spine or muscle parts in the area between the hips and the back. People who experience a herniated disc can get high levels of pain due to pressure. Problems in the lower back, whether for a hernia or other reason, are conditions that negatively affect the quality of daily life.

Opportunity of Getting rid of Backache with Orthopedic Lumbar Support Pillow

Backache is very likely to become chronic. There are some methods that can be used against herniated disc and its pain for example; medication, physical therapy or at some situation a surgery. Many people may prefer non-surgical methods to stop these pains. Although there are many causes of backache, the main reason is sitting and working in the wrong position for a long time at a desk. In this respect, orthopedic lumbar supports are very useful auxiliary tools to get better the wrong sitting positions . The orthopedic lumbar cushion, which offers an ergonomic sitting position, adapts to everywhere from an office desk chair to a car seat. While these pillows support the back, they also help to sit on correct position. After using the product a couple of time, your body gets used to the ergonomic sitting position.

Advantages of Using Orthopedic Lumbar Support Pillow

Orthopedic lumbar support pillows are specially designed and produced in order to provide a support to back. Nowadays, it is preferred by many people to get rid of backache and to get used to ergonomic sitting. We can list the advantages of using these pillows as follows;

-          *You can use it where ever you want. You can take it with you at home, at work or while traveling and you can get the chance of sitting in the right position. Thus, you will prevent from backache or reduce it.

-         * It is designed for those who always sit at desks at work. It prevents the pain which is occurred due to constant sitting.

-        *  It is produced from polyethylene foam that constantly maintains its elastic shape. It allows having the correct sitting posture via its anatomical structure.

-        *  It has external protection case. This zippered protection case provides the necessary hygiene with its removable and washable structure.

On our page, you can find the orthopedic lumbar support pillows you need,  have a look at the technical specifications and buy them safely.

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