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  • SOLES Travel Pillow | SLS-703
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  • SOLES Travel Pillow | SLS-703
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Soles - SLS 703

SOLES Travel Pillow | SLS-703

Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

Travel Pillow

Travel pillow, which is produced from viscoelastic foam which can always maintain its elastic structure, offers great comfort since it takes the shape of head and neck perfectly. Travel pillow, which provides support in any position, is suitable for anatomical structure. With its orthopedic feature, travel pillow provides a healthy use and fully grasps the neck and shoulder. For this reason, travel pillow provides a comfortable sleep during travel.

Travel Pillow Product Dimensions and Specifications

Travel pillow, which is necessary for a comfortable sleep on long journeys by bus, train, private vehicle or plane, prevents pain in the neck and head areas. This allows the user to enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable journey. Travel pillow has many features. These features can be listed as follows:

       Orthopedic structure.

       Thanks to its 100% cotton sheath, it prevents sweating during sleep.

       It always takes the shape of the head and neck completely.

       The zippered pouch is easily removable and washable.

       Due to its polyurethane foam, it keeps its shape for a long time.

Travel pillow, which helps the sleep process to be comfortable while traveling, allows users to relax. These pillows are produced from Visco material and it is possible to get rid of the pain in the shoulder, head and neck.

Travel pillow, which is produced as standard, takes shape depending on the head and neck characteristics of the wearer. This product, which is widely preferred nowadays, has a larger audience. Travel pillow is an ideal product for those who do not want to sacrifice comfort while traveling.

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is Travel Pillow Used?

Travel pillow, produced with Visco material, is capable of gaining heat shape. In this way, when the head is placed on the pillow, the pillow takes shape and an equal pressure is created at each point of the head. The main purpose of this product is to provide maximum comfort even during the journey.

Travel pillow, which can be used easily in all travels made by vehicles such as buses, trains, private vehicles and airplanes, draws attention with its pressure reduction feature.

It also has microscopic memory cells and has the ability to move. In this way, it senses heat and weight sensitively and provides a suitable usage for the anatomical structure of the user.


Prices of Travel Pillow

Travel pillow, which is produced from visco material, also known as smart sponge, is becoming more and more popular. Indispensable for a comfortable journey and a healthy sleep, the product is suitable for standard use. Travel pillow, which is highly appreciated with its antibacterial property, is very economical compared to its superior quality. The product, which can be used without any problem for many years, provides hygiene for years with its washable cover.


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