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ORSA - ORSA Visco Position Pillow P-25

ORSA Visco Position Pillow P-25

Weight1.50 kg
Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

Made from water-based polyurethane, the Visco cushion with body temperature takes on a shape that corresponds to the natural contours of the body. It has the shape of a cylinder cut in the middle. It is used to position areas such as knee, waist, neck. The cover is removable and washable.

*    Relax time for your legs: The semicircular cushion roll snapped, legs up & relax! Whether under your legs or between your knees, the visko-elastic storage cushion with the comfortable cover (polyester-viscose carbon fiber), gives your posture an ergonomic upswing and brings the extra pinch of looseness for knees, ankles, lumbar vertebrae & back

*    Just the right support - without getting flat: Together with energetic testers, we have created the perfect medium-strength hardness for the knee pillow for sleeping & chilling! The high-quality memory foam filling of the back roll adapts perfectly to your body without losing its shape.

*    A top ergonomic pillow in every position: for relaxation on the couch, for comfortable nights or as a comfortable pillow for pregnant women - the knee roll ensures relaxation! Use them optimally as a storage roller, side sleeper cushions, neck & back cushions on the sofa or as a lumbar support

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