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  • SOLES Knitted Epicondylitis Elbow Support SLS-508
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  • SOLES Knitted Epicondylitis Elbow Support SLS-508
  • SOLES Knitted Epicondylitis Elbow Support SLS-508
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Soles - SLS-508

SOLES Knitted Epicondylitis Elbow Support SLS-508


Knitted Epicondylitis Elbow Support

Knitted epicondylitis elbow brace, also called tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, is used to support the connective tissues. Thanks to this elbow support, the forces causing the injury are directed to other places other than the damaged area, allowing this area to relax and heal faster. This item also supports the muscles and tendons around the elbow during the healing period of the area. In this way, it is possible that you can both work and do many sports activities painlessly. One of the most important point of these elbows is that they increase hand grip strength. These products are orthopedic products. If it is used properly in right conditions, it lowers the pain rapidly in lateral and mediac apicondylitis. But, its highly be advised to visit a doctor if the pain continues and no reduction in pain. Because this may mean that either there is another reason for the cause of the pain or the problem is bigger than it seems.

How to Attach the Knitted Epicondylitis Elbow Support

As these products are orthopedic products, they are available and sold in medical stores or sports stores. It is especially important to use it under the supervision of a doctor for the rapid recovery of the problem. The first and most important thing to consider when using knitted epicondylitis elbow support is to choose the right size of a product. These armrests can be in various sizes from small (S, small) to large (L, large) sizes. There may also be available in very small-XS or very large-XL. Here you can find the tip how to find out which armrest is the right one for you, you need to measure the circumference of your arm approximately 2.5 cm below your elbow and compare it by looking at the table on the product's label. In this way, it is easy to find your size you want for yourself. As these products are not produced for any side specifically, you can use the armrest which ever you want whether right or left side.

What are the Features of Knitted Epicondylitis Elbow Support

Knitted epicondylitis elbow pads are orthopedic products that support elbow tendons and muscles. They contain foamy material. There are fabric parts to connect it to the elbow. It is possible to find larger sizes with an average width of 5 to 8. Thanks to its breathable structure, it offers comfortable use. It has pads made of silicone that provide compression on muscle groups adhering to the condyles on both sides of the elbow. Being washable offers advantages in terms of hygiene. Because they can get dirty quickly with constant use or doing sports. You can use it for a long time without any problems if it is washed according to the directions on the cleaning label. Hand wash is recommended for the product as for a long time of using and in order not to spoil its shape. It is sufficient to use this product during activities that cause pain. It should be removed while resting or sleeping. Because the use of the elbow should not cause discomfort or increase the pain felt. You can access the options of these orthopedic armrests in different sizes on our page, you can buy them and use them safely according to your needs.


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