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  • ORSA Epicondylit Bandage N-45S
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  • ORSA Epicondylit Bandage N-45S
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ORSA - ORSA Epicondylit Bandage N-45S

ORSA Epicondylit Bandage N-45S


    Cut according to bodys anatomic form, the bandage is made from neopren that can stick onto the all points of the bandage, having a wide adjustment mechanization, it is produced as one size. All the edges of the bandage are hemned with rounded ru ber band. It has a special pad on the epycondilit.

    Our epicondylitis bandage / support is a bandage support designed to provide pain relief and support from pain or inflammation caused by medial or lateral epicondylitis, also known as a tennis or golfer's elbow. Our epicondylitis support is made of high quality neoprene and has a foam pad that can be placed where needed to apply pressure to help relieve pain.   It is anatomically shaped to ensure the best fit possible and can be easily applied, adjusted and removed. It can be used during sports activities to provide protection and pain relief. Universal design-suitable for both right and left arm and comes in one size, so one size fits all.


    It is designed to support, prevent and alleviate and reduce pain and inflammation caused by medial or lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow or golfer's elbow.

    It provides pain relief with a foam pad that exerts pressure as needed to help relieve symptoms.

    It is anatomically shaped to ensure the best possible fit. Universal design-suitable for right or left arm, and one size fits all.

    Easy fit, adjust and remove, wrap-around design with a buckle loop and velcro strap fixing.

    Made of black color neoprene.

Indications / recommendations for use:



*Golfers elbow

*Tennis elbow


*Elbow support

*Sports activities

*Prevention of elbow injuries

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