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  • ORSA Elbow Support N-46S
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  • ORSA Elbow Support N-46S
  • ORSA Elbow Support N-46S
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ORSA - ORSA Elbow Support N-46S

ORSA Elbow Support N-46S


Cut according to bodys anatomic form, the elbow support is made from neopren that can stick onto the all points of the elbow support, having a wide adjustment mechanization,it is produced as one size. All the edges of the elbow support are hemned with rounded rubber band. The bandage wrapping the elbow provides extra support.

Why use Elbow Support?

♥ As a strong and weak joint, the elbow cannot bear the pain.

♥ Because the abrasion is irreversible.

♥ Recovery will take a long time.

♥ It will affect your overall performance and your body.

♥ Wraps around your elbow to protect your elbows and improve the safety of your fitness.

♥ Suitable for fitness activities such as hard pulling, jerking, bench press and other fitness activities to prevent sprain of the elbow.

♥ Intensive training, comfortable and breathable, firm elbows, reduced tremors, avoids sprains.

Indication: Used for elbow traumas, elbow osteoarthritis and arteritis, ligament injuries, post-operation treatments and sports activities for a protective purpose.

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