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  • ORSA Epycondilit Bandage N-45
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  • ORSA Epycondilit Bandage N-45
  • ORSA Epycondilit Bandage N-45
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ORSA - ORSA Epycondilit Bandage N-45

ORSA Epycondilit Bandage N-45


The bandage, made from 3 mm thick neoprene, has a special pad on the medial and lateral epycondilit. Pressure level, which is applied by the bandage, can easily be adjusted for a custom fit by the velcros. 

Indication: Used for inflammation of epycondilit, Tennis and Golf elbow and sports activities.

[Pain Relief and Injury Prevention]: These compression elbow braces are specially designed to relieve pain from tennis elbow and reduce stress on the joint. You can also prevent the tennis elbow from recurring after it has healed. Can be used for tennis, golf, weight lifting, racquetball, squash, and any other sport or activity that requires using your forearm muscles.

Targeted compression: Through targeted compression at the exact source of pain, our elbow straps offer padded support, absorb shocks and reduce swelling. The bandages are great for instant pain relief so you can either return to exercise or work while you wear them.

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