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ORSA - ORSA Knitted Elbow Support with Silicone Support R-6E

ORSA Knitted Elbow Support with Silicone Support R-6E


Elbow woven from an elastic rope with antiperspirant is designed in accordance with the elbow anatomy. Lateral and medial epicondylitis provides extra compression with silicone supports sutured to the site. 

STABILITY: The elbow cuff supports the elbow during sports, in everyday life or at work. Especially in fast sports, the arm and elbow are exposed to high loads. Strains, golfer's arm (golfer's elbow) and are common diagnoses. The elbow bandages have a warming effect, provide relief and accelerate the healing process. Slight compression helps with golf arm, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis

COMFORT: The elbow bandages are easy to put on. Foreign help is not required. The high stretchability of the material makes it easier to put on and take off. Nevertheless, the active bandage does not slip, and the elbow is stabilized in every position and with every movement and relieved. The elbow area is also slightly padded. Suitable for women, men and children.

FIT: Despite the elastic part, the sports bandage does not constrict and always fits perfectly. The bending area is soft and elastic. The tennis elbow brace is still relatively thin and can be discreetly under clothes or an evening dress.

APPLICATION: The compression knit of the elbow cuffs keeps muscles warm and gives joint noticeable stability. Perfect support after an injury or wearing a medical splint to get back into training. Depending on requirements, the bandage can also be carried further to the forearm and upper arm. Use the elbow pads for handball, basketball, crossfit, gym, bodybuilding (weight lifting or bench press), martial arts or tennis

DIMENSIONS: The elbow cuff is available in sizes-also suitable for large sizes. Please measure your elbow before you order and choose the appropriate size.

Indications: Elbow trauma, dirsel lateral and medial epicondylitis, bursitis, elbow Ostreoarthritis, ligament injuries, postoperative healing and after arthroscopy.

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