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Soles - SLS-505

SOLES Wrist Bandage & Support (Unisize) | SLS-505

Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

  • Best wrist bandage in the market. Soft, lightweight and non-sweating Neoprene fabric. Unisize and unisex wrist bandage ideal for men and women from all sizes.

  • Reduces wrist and hand pain. Flexible and durable design makes this wrist bandage ideal for athletes and all kind of sports activities.

  • Protects wrist from injuries with its special design. Wrist pressure relief will be provided with ultra-flexibility.

  • Suitable for both right and left hands. Easily adjustable for preferred pressure. Can be weared in just seconds.

  • Blood circulation will be improved with this best quality wrist bandage. Better blood circulation on wrist area provides heat preservation, as a result wrist and hand injuries heal faster.

Wrist Bandage & Support Is Used For

  • Reducing wrist and hand pain

  • Wrist sprains and strains treatment

  • Weak and injured wrist protection

  • Wrist traumas and edema treatment

  • Post wrist operations protection and stabilization

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