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ORSA - ORSA Metacarpud Wrist Support N-41S

ORSA Neoprene Wrist Splint With Thumb Support N-41S


    Cut according to bodys anatomic form, the wrist support with a thumb loop is made from neopren that can stick onto the all points of the wrist support, having a wide adjustment mechanization, it is produced as one size. All the edges of wrist support are hemned with rounded rubber band.

    Wrist and thumb brace, The ORSA wrist and thumb support helps with everything from sprains and fractures to the Ski-thumb-Arthritis.

    The thumb rest keeps your joint in a neutral position and minimizes stress without restricting movement.

    With targeted compression right where you need it, you can enjoy the perfect balance between relief, support and protection from future injuries.

    If you often have joint pain caused by thumb arthritis, our wrist and thumb support is perfect for you. From the moment you wear it, you will see how your joint feels warmer, more mobile and safer.

    Our thumb support is also a great option for anyone who has thumb pain in their recovery from injury. Whether you have recently broken your thumb or sprained during sports, our thumb stabilizer will certainly provide you with the support and support you need.

    Say goodbye to thumb pain with the ORSA Wrist and Thumb Support.

Details :

* Do not apply over open wounds.

* This product is not a substitute for medical treatment. Always seek medical advice for diagnosis or treatment of pain, injury or irritability

Indication: Used for immobilizing the wrist and carpus, after wrist and carpus traumas, for pains, after the operation for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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