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  • SOLES jawless Cervical Coller SLS-606
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  • SOLES jawless Cervical Coller SLS-606
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SOLES Ohne Kinn und Cervical Coller SLS-606

SOLES jawless Cervical Coller SLS-606


Cervical Collar

Cervical Collar is made of plastic and consists of two parts. Cervical Collar, which completely surrounds the jaw and neck, is widely used, especially in spine injuries. Cervical Collar products are produced in 2 different models. These are:

       Collar with chin section

       Collar without chin section

Used for limited cervical motion control, this neck collar is ideal for both day and night wear. Cervical Collar provides moderate support to the injured neck, making it easy and comfortable to use because of its customizable nature.

Cervical Collar Product Dimensions and Specifications

Produced with soft contoured foam for maximum comfort between the chin and neck, Cervical Collar reduces the movement of the head and cervical vertebrae. The most prominent features of the Cervical Collar that offer comfortable support are as follows:

       It helps to align and balance the vertebrae after an injury.

       Soft foams prevent further injury to the area.

       Reduces neck pressure.

       Relieves back pain.

       Washable. A mild soap with cold water should be used for washing.

       Wraps, aligns and stabilizes the neck.

       It can be used easily during sleep.

       It has an ergonomic design.

       The special chin support prevents the head from falling forward.

       It is easy to use. Size can be adjusted easily.

       The neck collar can be personalized with an integrated Velcro fastener.

       It offers comfortable usage with its quality material and light structure.

       It is produced from breathable material and does not cause sweating. It also absorbs sweat immediately.

For an ideal Cervical Collar, the measurement must be selected correctly. For measurement, the head should be kept in an empty position and measured from the tip of the mandible to the sternal notch. The dimensions of the neck are as follows:

       S - Small           32-35 cm

       M - Medium     36-39 cm

       L - Large            40-43 cm

       XL - XLarge        43-46 cm

       XXL - XXLarge   46-50 cm

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is Cervical Collar Used?

Providing comfort even during sleep, Cervical Collar is frequently used for many different purposes. The most commonly used cases can be listed as follows:

       Relieve neck pain,

       Support the head and chin,

       Reducing the pressure on the nerve,

       Correct the sitting position,

       Relieve cervical pain,

       To reduce joint pain,

       Relieve body fatigue,

Highly resilient with high elasticity, Cervical Collar is especially used in sports injuries, chronic pain and injuries. Made of polyurethane foam and covered with 100% cotton, this neck collar relaxes the skin.

Prices of Cervical Collar

Cervical Collar, which is in great demand due to its benefits, is also very attractive with its prices. The budget-friendly product is durable and can be used for many years. Due to its washability, Cervical Collar does not cause any discomfort and provides a sterile use.


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