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Soles - SLS-306

SOLES Patella Knee Support Brace (Unisize) | SLS-306

Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

  • Best patella knee support brace. Made from Neoprene breathing and non-sweating fabric. Knee pain relief, and compression massage.

  • Suitable for all day wearing, durable, soft and easy to wear. Adjustable unisize design makes this knee support suitable for both men and women in all sizes.

Patella Knee Support Brace Is Used For

  • Osteoarthritis treatment,

  • Irritated knee joint or complex knee pain,

  • Used in arthritis,

  • Bursitis,

  • Increase of intra articular liquid,

  • Pain induced by knee cap,

  • Meniscus problems and treatment,

  • Knee twist and ligament instability,

  • Post-op or trauma protection and rehabilitation purposes

  • Its compression and massage effect reduce knee area edema faster

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