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ORSA - ORSA Patellar Tendon Brace N-63

ORSA Patellar Tendon Brace N-63


It is made from 3 mm thick neoprene to support the patella from below the patella . It does not restrict knees motion since it is used on a small place. A horseshoe shape support is put below the patells, and it provides extra support and unloads the patella. 

Product description

Get the best support for your knees, a better quality of sport.

People who play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, golf, bowling, fencing, cycling and football will make many fast and dangerous movements during these sports that can cause injuries. Our products are also recommended by runners who go to the gym, lift Weights or go to fitness programs.

These products can also be used for recovery after knee / ankle surgery, as they relieve knee pain, strains and arthritis. Works best for meniscus tear, arthritis, ACL tears and tendinitis. The knee support combines the mechanical effect of supporting muscles and ligaments and the heating effect that causes high blood flow and helps to restore damaged tissue.


Reinforced order that guarantees integrity at high voltage and a long service life. Adjustable sizes for best possible hold.

The open Design of the Patella reduces the pressure on the knee without compromising the compression in the muscle area.

Allows your knees to breathe during knee exercises through the use of luxurious breathable neoprene padding with simultaneous knee compression at the same time.

Superior knee support for running, walking, basketball, volleyball, powerlifting or other sports where the knee support would relieve knee joint pain, knee injuries or knee sprains.

Flexible coil springs for extra grip without compromising your movement so you can enjoy your daily activities.

Super Lightweight, easy to use and works with either your left or right knee.

Provides compression, stabilizes the knee, improves joint function and reduces anti-inflammatory drugs and knee pain symptoms.

Indication: Used on stabilization of knee joint, patello-femoral pains, Mb Schlatter and Jumpers knee.

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