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ORSA - ORSA Universal Corset N-29

ORSA Universal Corset N-29


The universal corset is made from 4mm thick neoprene which is cut according to bodys anatomic form and edges are hemmed with rounded rubber band. 3 velcros bands in-line provide a wide adjustment mechanization. 

  • ✔ Scientifically proven research shows that 76% of all chronic back pain is caused by inactivity, and that 68% of sufferers between 35 and 55 years old could have avoided back pain in old age if they had done more appropriate exercise.
  • ✔ Strong protection for the back: The back bandage support helps you stay active, prevent injury, and improve your performance in lower back activities by keeping it straight and supporting a good core muscle posture. The back support is tight and can be worn discreetly under clothing.
  • ✔ High-tech design. The double Velcro fastener and the high-quality material guarantee comfort and discretion during wearing. The inner neoprene belt provides compression and warmth, while the elastic mesh corrects posture and stabilises the spine. Unlike other products, it does not roll down. The back strap is designed to be small and lightweight for travelling, driving, sleeping and improving your mobility.
  • ✔ Shapes and trims waist and belly: Wear the back support as a support for your lumbar vertebrae, and for a good shape during fitness exercises, or as a back corset to help maintain a slim stomach. The thermal material helps burn fat. The adjustable strap will shrink as you lose weight.

Indication: Used for hernia, siatica, lumbago and hypermobility of the spine as healing and on sportsmen, people who work in heavy works and post-operation treatments as protector.

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