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Ankle Foot Orthosis

Ankle Foot Orthosis

When motion loss occurs in the ankle, problems arise due to nerve damage.In such cases where many conditions such as drop foot problems, loss of ankle control and walking problems occur, it is necessary to support the movement of the ankle. In this way, walking deformity is prevented and functional living of the individual is eased. As a consequence, to support the ankle, Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is used.

Such orthoses are useful for the elimination of joint disorders due to factors such as;

  • Trauma

  • Injury of the Ligament

  • Fracture

  • Diabetics

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Rheumatismal diseases.

Customized Non-Articulated Static AFO

To stabilize better, Customized Non-Articulated Static AFO should be choosen when the loss of strength in the muscles of the ankle joint occurs. As a result, the motion of the foot can be brought under control in 3 aspects.

Also, when such an AFO is used used, wearing orthopedic orthotics shoes and walking action become more controlled. The need for customized non-articulated static AFO is generally ideal for drop foot problems and walking difficulties.

Customized Articulated AFO

In case of limited ankle movements or loss of strength due to miscarriages, customized articulated AFO is used. This supports the ankle and reduces walking difficulty.

It is up to the specialist physician to determine which articulation should be used and how mobile such orthoses will be. Customized articulated ankle foot orthoses can be made with both plastosome material and carbon hardening.

Leaf Spring AFO

Leaf Spring Afo is a light product which is made from polypropylene. For this reason, it is not suitable for people who are overweight.

These types of AFOs, which do not provide adequate support, are available for different foot sizes for those who suffers from serious cases of drop foot disorder. When the drop foot disorder is milder, Leaf Spring AFO which is preferred to ease the walking is very convenient in terms of its lightness.

Front Assisted Carbon AFO

Ankle orthoses are designed in different ways. For example; Infront assisted carbon AFO, the support is planned from the front. Thus, the weak muscle of the knee is supported during walking and knee bending is prevented. Used when it comes to bent knee gait, This AFO is light and durable since it is made from carbon. Also, with the double-sided involvement feature makes the balance better.

Carbon Easy Walk AFO

Carbon Easy Walk AFO is designed to grip the leg from behind. Thus, it is much more comfortable and practical than most other types of AFO. When such an orthosis is to be purchased, it must be tried. Because it is important to make a slight upgrade to the heel if needed. This makes it much more comfortable to use.

Silicon AFO

It is the lightest and the most supportive of the ankle orthoses. The main reason for this is the use of silicone as a material. With these types of orthoses, the patient feels much more comfortable and has a better balance when walking. If there are any problem occurs such as drop foot or bilateral foot ankle, silicon AFO would be the most ideal choice.

Dynamic AFO

Dynamic AFO is used to control the plantar flexion of the wrist and support the outward rotation uncontrolled by the wrist straps. Thus, the foot is made more stable and the walking action is more comfortable. In addition, these types of orthoses made of plastic material are used in the treatment of ankle ligament injuries.

Foot Up AFO

Foot Up AFO aims to prevent foot drop. The design includes a wrist band with a connection to the foot. It is a very mild orthosis and is ideal for patients with loss of wrist control. It is inadequate in people with excess weight and severe drop foot problems.

ROM Walker AFO

The orthoses known as ROM Walker surround the entire leg and ankle. Such orthoses are available in both short and long models. It is especially used to prevent uncontrolled ankle movements after any trauma or operation. In this way, the patient can walk more easily.

Aircast Air Stirrup AFO

People with chronic ankle injuries experience constant sprains and trauma. Aircast Air Stirrup ankle orthosis is used to prevent this condition. Such orthoses include soft-padded pads and are cooled at any time. Thus, edema control is provided. In addition, standing velcros are adjustable. In this way, the movement of the foot at certain angles is secured while stabilizing the wrist.

Other Common Ankle Orthoses include,

● Elastic Ankle Support,

● Knitted Ankle Support Model,

● Soft Wrist Belt,

● Adjustable Foot Ankle Support,

● Foot Arch Support,

● Night Splint.