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Soles - SLS-103

SOLES Silicone Heel Cups (Pair) SLS-103

Length8.00 cm
Width8.00 cm
Height3.00 cm

High quality silicone heel cups reduce foot and heel pain, heal plantar fasciitis. %100 silicone offers ultra-comfort for long uses. Heel spur pain relief, ideal for all types of feet. Foot pain caused by standing all day long will be relieved immediately. 
%100 Hypoallergenic, ideal for all day use with its patented design, can be used for years. Easily washable, anti-smell silicone material. 
All day standing foot problems treatment. For every kind of job that requires all day standing, silicone heel cups reduce foot pain. 
Unisex with S-M-L-XL sizes makes silicone heel cups suitable for all kind of foot. Reduces back pain, foot and leg pain, knee pain by supporting foot and heels from body pressure.
Healing plantar fasciitis and heel spur without medication and no further treatment, daily usage prevents pain. Can be used when running, all kinds of sports activities.
Small and discreet design makes the product invisible in most shoes. Can be used with high heel shoes, sports shoes etc.

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