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Soles - SLS-209

SOLES Rom Walker | SLS-209

Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

Rom Walker

Rom Walker with hinges and steel bands perfectly stabilizes the foot. In addition, the angle of Rom Walker product is adjustable and can be adjusted at 10 degree intervals upon request.

Providing perfect hygiene thanks to its washable inner pads, Rom Walker also provides comfort to the user. In addition, Rom Walker has a non-slip Rocker sole. In this way, it is easy to use and practical. In addition, Rom Walker, which is comfortable and quick to put on and take off, helps users exercise easily in their daily life.

Rom Walker Dimensions and Specifications

Allowing early functional mobilization with the optional fixed joint angle or partial mobility feature, Rom Walker is used effectively in many foot, heel and knee discomfort.

Ideal for diabetic foot, the product has a high rocker-type sole, eliminating high-density insoles pressure points. Thus, a much more comfortable usage opportunity is created. Also having a light and durable semi-rigid frame, Rom Walker applies discrete compression.

In addition, this product provides immobilization at an angle of 10 ° and offers physiological walking opportunity thanks to its special base. Rom Walker product has S, M and L sizes, so it can be adapted to anyone's ankle circumference.

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is Rom Walker Used?

Highly recommended by experts, Rom Walker is an excellent product that has been specially designed. The product, which is used to eliminate many ailments, also speeds up the healing process. In addition, it helps to relieve pain caused by discomfort. Rom Walker is often used after ligament, soft tissue, and tendon surgery. In addition, the product, which is very useful in the conservative and postoperative treatment of fibula fractures, is also recommended by experts after ligament fixation and peroneal tendon dislocation. Apart from these, Rom Walker, which is used in many ailments such as fractures and dislocations of the talocrural joint, injuries of the talus, calcaneus and medial malleol, guarantees 100% efficiency to its users with its successful solutions.

Prices of Rom Walker

Rom Walker, which is used effectively in a wide range of heel, foot, knee and leg disorders, is frequently preferred among foot health products. This product, which is highly recommended by experts, gains the satisfaction of users with its successful solutions.

Rom Walker, which has an undeniable importance in the conservative and postoperative treatment of fibula fractures and in the fractured conditions of the talocrural joint, especially after ligament, soft tissue and tendon surgery, allows patients to perform their daily activities with its comfortable use. This product, which appeals to all kinds of budgets, is economical for patients thanks to its long-term use.

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