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  • SOLES Foot Guard | SLS-208
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  • SOLES Foot Guard | SLS-208
  • SOLES Foot Guard | SLS-208
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Soles - SLS-208

SOLES Foot Guard | SLS-208

Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

Foot Guard

Made of polypropylene material, Foot Guard is used to rest the foot in many foot disorders. Foot Guard, which is an excellent product in conditions where the ankle should stand 90 degrees upright, is ideal for use especially at night sleep. Foot Guard provides ankle protection even during sleep. In this way, the treatment process passes much faster and smoothly.

Foot Guard, which does not sweat on the feet with its special fabric, quickly absorbs the existing sweat. In this way, the feet are kept dry. With Foot Guard, the feet are prevented from smelling and rash. Offering a perfect structure and a flawless user experience, this product makes patients comfortable.

Foot Guard Dimensions and Specifications

By keeping the ankle stable at 90 degrees, Foot Guard prevents the ankle from rotating in inpatients with its T-shaped support. Thus, the recovery rate rises to the maximum level. In addition, the T splint at the base of this product, which has the possibility of cleaning and comfort thanks to the towel pads that are removed and installed, is adjustable. In this way, it positions the foot at the desired height and balance.

Foot Guard, which does not require molding, provides the desired harmony with its adjustable elastic straps. Thus, it becomes a much more comfortable use. The product that protects the feet against impacts has been specially designed by experts. Foot Guard product is available in S, M and L sizes for anyone who wants to use it without problems.

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is Foot Guard Used?

Foot Guard, which provides multi-position rest to the foot and ankle, offers superior quality as it is made of polypropylene material. Also known as the T-band ankle orthosis, this product prevents the rotation by ensuring that the ankle is fixed at 90 degrees.

Foot Guard prevents eschar wounds and is especially preferred in inpatients. In this way, ankle is kept constant during the sleep process. In addition, this orthosis, which is frequently used in ankle abortion syndrome, helps to achieve very successful results in the healing process.

Prices of Foot Guard

Foot Guard, which has superior quality and budget-friendly prices and everyone's appreciation, is specially designed by experts so that the feet can rest. In this way, ankle is fixed even while asleep and rotation is prevented. Foot Guard, which has become a great need due to its effectiveness in the healing processes of patients, guarantees successful results and gains the satisfaction of patients.

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