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  • SOLES Cork Support | SLS 109
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  • SOLES Cork Support | SLS 109
  • SOLES Cork Support | SLS 109
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Soles - SLS-109

SOLES Cork Support | SLS 109

Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

It is very important to take care of the health of the feet, which lift the entire weight of the body, for a quality life. For this reason, it is necessary to support the feet and fix the problems that may adversely affect the foot health. Providing longitudinal arc support and metatarsal support, Cork Support is one of the products specially designed for foot health.

Cork Support product made of cork is covered with perforated artificial leather. Thanks to these holes, air flow can occur. Cork Support has an ergonomic structure. Therefore, it reduces the pain in the feet of people standing for a long time.

Most of the foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip and spine pains that last all day occur due to the wrong footing of the feet. Therefore, regular use of Cork Support is recommended by experts.

Cork Support Dimensions and Specifications

On average, 75% of people print wrongly and they don't even realize it. For this reason, pain occurs in many parts of the body, especially the feet. In addition, many foot disorders such as plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, morton neuroma, heel spur, achilles tendon, inward, outward, flat sole. Cork Support, which is used to prevent such problems or to eliminate existing troubles, keeps the body in balance. It also helps to transfer body weight homogeneously towards the floor.

With the use of Cork Support, people can move more and stay comfortably long on their feet. This foot health product, which is the perfect support for a healthy and comfortable life, gains the satisfaction of its users with its unique technology.

It is now very easy to get rid of the pain caused by standing for a long time with Cork Support products, which are numbered 19-44.

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is Cork Support Used?

Cork Support, recommended by healthcare professionals, fits the anatomical structure of the foot. Ideal for both daily use and high performance activities, this product draws attention with its superior quality and reliability.

Cork Support, developed for foot health and recommended by experts, helps to correct common false postures in the lower leg. Thus, it supports proper alignment of the foot and provides a solid posture for the whole body.

With its flexible insoles core, Cork Support is tailor-made and retains its shape for a long time. Thus, it is aimed for the feet to move naturally and the user to feel more energetic at every step.


Prices of Cork Support

Cork Support, which has an indispensable place in terms of foot health, is ideal for long-term use with its durable structure. This foot health product, which is very economical according to its superior quality and reliability, helps the feet to be balanced. In this way, pain caused by wrong pressing is prevented and the quality of life of the person is maximized.

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