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Soles - SLS-312

SOLES Calf and Shin Support | SLS-312

Weight90.70 gr
Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

  • Best calf and shin support bandage in the market. Neoprene fabric is medical grade quality. Breathing and non-sweating fabric meets with unique Soles design. This calf and shin support bandage is lightweight and soft. Adjustable and easily wearable all day long with comfort.
  • Unisex and unisize calf support bandage can be adjusted for men and women with all sizes. Compression can be adjusted for preferred level. This calf support won’t lose compression ability in time.
  • Compression increases blood flow in calf and shin area as a result healing ability of body increases. Recovery and healing times are being reduced and post operation process becomes more comfortable due to pain relief. Soles calf and shin support helps muscles to relax and strengthen. Preservation of body heat also reduces pain and inflammation.

Calf and Shin Support Is Used For

  • Calf and shin muscle spasms treatment
  • Muscle inflammation
  • Sport injuries in calf and shin area
  • Pre and post-surgery in calf and shin area
  • Physiotherapy exercises in calf and shin area
  • Calf and Shin Support Washing Instructions

  • Non machine washable. Wash calf support with only water and soap by hand. Wash the product gently with only non-hot water. Dry the product without hanging in a clean surface like chair, table etc.
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