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  • SOLES Ankle Bandage (Unisize) | SLS-205
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  • SOLES Ankle Bandage (Unisize) | SLS-205
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Soles - SLS-205

SOLES Ankle Bandage (Unisize) | SLS-205


Ankle Bandage (Unisize)

Ankle Bandage, made of neoprene, is a product with breathability.          Ankle Bandage, which is widely used especially in sprained ankles, is an ankle support that guarantees 100% success in ankle pain the treatment process. This orthosis, which is also preferred in weak wrists, has a magnificent effect with its ergonomic structure.

Ankle Bandage wraps and protects the achilles tendon in the malleoli region as well as around the wrist. This prevents any injury from occurring.

Offering maximum comfort, Ankle Bandage restricts double splinting mobility on both sides. Thus, problems that may arise are prevented. Ankle Bandage, which provides ease of use with its adjustable and elastic structure, is also appreciated for its lightness.

Ankle Bandage Dimensions and Specifications

Ankle Bandage, which prevents injuries in the ankles and provides excellent protection, is unisized. These ankle support which can be worn on both feet, are easily used by both men and women, regardless of gender.

Ankle Bandage, which provides strong stabilization for the ankles with the support placed in the Malleolus region, is used especially in the process of conservative treatment of distortion. The general features of the product can be listed as follows:

       Double splints on both sides restrict mobility

       It is ergonomic with its adjustable feature.

       It is comfortable thanks to its elastic and light structure.

       The orthosis, which can be adjusted with hook and loop straps, supports the ankle in the best way.22

       It has an elastic strap that strengthens the fixing process.

       Can be used with shoes.

       It offers long-term use with its durable structure.

       It provides a hygienic usage process thanks to its washable feature.

       It is ideal for everyone as it is free of charge.

In Which Diseases / Conditions Is Ankle Bandage Used?

Ankle Bandage, which relieves foot pain and improves mobility, is ideal for both men and women. This ankle support, which helps the muscles in the ankle heal, provides great relief not only in the ankle but also in the heel and Achilles tendon. Ankle Bandage, which is used in diseases such as edema, swelling, arthritis, osteoporosis and tendonitis, is also good for pain in the ankle and heel. In addition, the product, which is an excellent treatment method for orthopedic discomfort, does not have difficulty in walking and ensures that the exercises are painless. So you can enjoy all your activities and enjoy the freedom.

Ankle Bandage, which feels light fabric and comfort and superior quality, keeps feet dry thanks to its moisture absorbing feature. In this way, no odor is formed in the feet. Offering all-day comfort, this product provides a great advantage especially in sports activities. Ankle Bandage, which can be used safely during activities such as football, walking, gymnastics, CrossFit, tennis, volleyball, fitness, basketball, is also preferred while sleeping at night.

Prices of Ankle Bandage

The price of Ankle Bandage used for the protection of feet and preventing injuries is budget friendly. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the orthosis that supports the ankle and heel in the best way, minimizes the risk of injury during walking and exercising. Durable structure and product, which can be used for many years, prioritizes economic structure and superior quality and user satisfaction.


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