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Soles - SLS-311 Long

SOLES Long Hinged Rom Knee Orthosis (Unisize) | SLS 311

Length36.00 cm
Width20.00 cm
Height6.00 cm

  •  Best long hinged rom knee orthosis in market. It is unisize and easily adjustable. This product prevents shear stress on knee ligaments after operation.

  • Angle adjustable brace immobilizes knee in required levels. 15-degree interval change can be applied. Velco straps can be easily adjusted for comfort.

  • Long parts can be cut without deformation on knee brace. This enables freedom of usage required for different leg and knee sizes and also for different operation types.

  • Durability and quality meet with non-sweating, breathing design and fabric. Result is all day wearable knee brace without sweating.

  • Soft and light design enables ultra-comfort. Post operation recovery will be eased with this knee brace.

Long Hinged Rom Knee Orthosis Is Used For

  • Collateral ligament injuries,

  • Arthritis,

  • Total implant surgery

  • Internal and external ligament tears

  • Washing Instructions
  • Can be washed by hand with only water. Dry without hanging in a clean surface like chair, table etc.
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